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Dutch Shepherd


The Dutch Shepherd Dog  is an old herding breed of Dutch origin.  A medium-sized, medium weight, well-proportioned, well-muscled dog of powerful, well-balanced structure, with intelligent expression and lively temperament.  The Dutch Shepherd is used extensively throughout Europe and the United States as a working dog, primarily in police service, including search and rescue.  Dutch Shepherds are increasingly popular with police agencies because they are smaller than German Shepherds, and therefore easier for handlers to physically pick up and carry, when duty necessitates doing so. Another reason for this increase in popularity is that the Dutch Shepherd breed has not been subject to extensive breeding as has the German Shepherd. This can adversely affect the health and temperament of the individual dog as well as the breed.   Dutch Shepherds are very active dogs. They have a strong "work ethic", constantly wanting to work and move. Thus it is exceptionally suited for all types of dog sports, particularly schutzhund, Service Dogs Of America, competive obedience, agaility, flyball, and sheepdog trials.

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